#10 Birdman- $18 million Of course we all know Birdman earned his money from the record label Cash Money.

#9 Nicki Minaj- $21 million Nicki Minaj has been doing a lot of touring recently, which is why her money is increasing.  She also has endorsements with Pepsi, OBI and her own line of Moscato.

#8 Wiz Khalifa- $21.5 million  Wiz may have lost Amber Rose, but the money is still there keep him company.  Wiz also has earned money from touring and his hit song from the movie Fast 7 entitled “See You Again.”  He also sells merchandise related to weed, which is bringing in high money.

#7 Kanye West- #22 million West not only earned money from his money but from his new shoe deal with Adidas.  His revenue will probably go up in 2020 when he becomes President…….

#6 Eminem- $31 million You may not have heard his name in the music industry recently, but Slim Shady is living well.  Eminem went on tour with Rihanna, earning about $5 million per show.  When the duo performed at Metlife Stadium in two days, they earned $12.4 million, surpassing even Jay-Z and Beyonce.

#5 Pharrell- $32 million Pharrell has made his share of money from music, touring and being a guest on the show ‘The Voice.’  He also has the Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream clothing lines. 

#4 Dr. Dre- $33 million Straight out of first place from last year, Dre still lands a top 5 position on the list, receiving checks from Apple, his production catalogue, his third studio album and of course from the movie ‘Straight Out of Compton.’

#3 Drake- $39.5 million Drake was making money through tours and of course his surprise platinum album ‘If Your Reading This It’s Late.’  Drizzy also has endorsement deals with Sprite and Nike.

#2 Jay-Z- $56 million Hova made most of his money with the 22 show tour with his lover Queen B.  Jay also has the Roc-Nation entertainment company, along with his Armand de Brignac champagne.

#1 Diddy- $60 million The number one spot this year goes to the man of many names, Diddy.  Although Diddy is formerly known for his role in the music industry he has now turned into a businessman.  Diddy earns the number spot from his TV network Revolt, clothing line Sean John, alkaline water brand Aquahydrate and Ciroc vodka, which is half of his earnings.

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