WATCH: Tygas new video $timulated 


After a year (as far as we know) of being under wraps KYGA was recently spotted together at last nights VMAs.  

 To follow up their first public couple appearance, King Gold chains released the $timulated video from his Fuk what they talkin bout mixtape. The love interest in this video is Kylie Jenner.  So here’s my theory on this situation, let’s flash back to the breakfast club interview when he was claiming they were “just friends”

Multiply this by the multiple IG posts on how dope and understanding she is (stay with me) carry the one and then divide this by the outstanding Birthday treat and we get the the lyrics  

“They say she young, I should’ve waited

She a big girl, dog when she stimulated” 

It’s been rumored Kyga has been an item since 2014, when she was around 16-17 and he was 25. She celebrated her 18th birthday on August 10, only a few weeks prior to this release.


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