Where will Ray Rice End Up?

The big news in the NFL world is that Ray Rice has won his appeal against the NFL. He is now cleared to return and be signed by any NFL team this season and play immediately. Early reports are that Ray Rice is in great shape. Where will he go? or more importantly who needs help at the running back position. Here are few teams I think can be a good fit for the former Running back.

Indianapolis colts : With Ahmad Bradshaw lost for the season and a Trent Richardson who hasn’t really shown the ability of being a Franchise back.The colts could be in the market for a veteran back to come in on third down situations . Ray Rice has taken a step back from running between the tackles but still was threat in the passing game last season for the Ravens. (Makes the most sense)

Pittsburgh Steelers: They just released LeGarrette Blount and are paper-thin at Running Back. Now Le’veon Bell has been a franchise type back this season but every team needs two running backs in today’s NFL.  Ray Rice would also fit in a strong locker room as the Steelers are known to have. (This really is a possibility)

San Francisco 49ers: Now I know what you are thinking no way 49ers make move like this . i think your right but I can see why 49ers can be possible. With Frank Gore or Carlos Hyde not known for catching the ball out of the backfield. Ray Rice can come in for the 49ers and have an impact on passing downs for the 49ers. Also 49ers have great veteran leadership which would not mess with team chemistry. (Wildcard team to land Ray Rice but not likely)

The Ray Rice watch is on.


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