WATCH: Beyoncé 7/11


Blowdryers as Bey fans , twerking with friends in a bathroom a girl can only dream of, dancing in air hundreds of feet off ground, a couple pop out surprises, and NO liquor spillin (of any sort), it’s safe to safe Bey has all the components that embody an edgy yet tasteful and fun video. Beyoncé released two new tracks today from her platinum edition of her self entitled album. One track was called Ring off (a song about her mothers happiness with the new boo you always see) and 7/11 an already predicted club banger. I love seeing this side of Bey , your everyday woman getting silly with her friends in the webcam. On a more technical note , Beys use of stop motion and use of birds eye view shooting technique seems as if she filmed the entire video as an Instagram Video.Enjoy!


Smack it smack it in the air…


Sweatin out my blow out …

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Photo credit Beyoncé.com

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