Teyana Taylor Exceeds Expectations With Debut Album “VII”

teyana Taylor Review pic


G.O.O.D. Music’s first lady has delivered a very cohesive, sultry, sexy debut album, she is holding it down for the ladies for sure. Every woman can appreciate a great R&B album they can relate to, Teyana Taylor is touching basis on it all.

One song for sure she gives us that just screams “sexy” is Request. Ladies, looking for something to spice up the romance in the bedroom for your man, this is it! The song opens with a really soft beat and provocative lyrics to accompany. Teyana got real sexy with us at the beginning of the album with another one with Chris Brown featuring on Do Not Disturb. Both songs are in the first five songs and top five personal favorites of ours! They both turn up the heat on this track, visuals would make it an even bigger hit.

Teyana includes some Interludes with actual completions to the song, very uncommon but much appreciated. The first one opens the album, Outta My League, and truly set the tone for everything that followed. She flaunts her vocals, and speaks some truth on some things a woman would never shed light on. There is no way that interlude could not be finished, it’s a good thing she did, kudos to her. What is interesting about these interludes is that they both tell the raw truth about deep feelings that women harbor. It Could Just Be Love is a clear explanation of putting your pride aside to completely love a man.

Another favorite is Broken Hearted Girl with Fabolous featuring on this track. The two together always produce a great sound. His Soul Tape 2mixtape, she featured on his Want You Back alongside Joe Budden. Broken Hearted Girl is not your typical heartbroken girl song, Teyana and Fab tell you how to get over a heart break, and they turned it up on the track too! Her second rap feature on the album is none other than her hit single Maybe, Yo Gotti and Pusha T speak their piece while she talks that talk. She graces the hook with Had to pause, nigga wait a minute/Almost tapped out when you started swimmin’/A little cocky, I can deal with that/Cause you put it down and I need parts of that/Just text your phone nigga Where you at?/Give me rounds, I need all of that/ Need I say more?

I think all of the ladies can relate the most to Business, the girls wanna know” what he’s like?” “How does he treat you?” “Is his sex good?” Flooding the group chat with millions of questions, yes, we have all been there. But she kept it all the way 100 on this one, It ain’t none of your friends business, and it ain’t none of my friends, as it should be. Don’t ask me “how was the sex?”/That’s between me, my man and our bed/Plus I know how you hoes get/I ain’t tryna lose a friend telling you how my man do the best/And the same/goes for you baby, I know how niggas do/Your friends be talking crazy, acting like bitches too/ that verse is THEE TRUTH!!!

All in all, this album is a success and can be played from start to finish, no skips!

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