Trina Sets The Record Straight at Breakfast Club (WATCH)

Trina sets the record straight this morning on Power 105s Breakfast Club when she began breaking down the FACTS of her and French Montana’s “friendship”. It’s been two years (as of yesterday )since the duo became friends. As always , Charlamagne immediately chimed in wanting to get all the messy details of her current status with French and Khloe. From them living together to him saying they were never cool like that ,Trina calmly breaks down the stages of there relationship (including the divorce from his wife). I have gained a deeper respect for Trina for not getting out of character and bashing him. She puts all of her energy into her music and with the release of her latest single we can definitely hear it. This is one interesting interview she speaks on Lil Wayne, life in the studio, Kenyon Morton and more (see vid) .

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