Lakers Rookie Julius Randle Out for Season with Broken Leg

Top NBA prospect Julius Randle made his debut in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers on Oct. 28. But the rookie’s magical night—and his inaugural season—came to an abrupt end.

With 6:46 left to play in the game, Randle drove to the basket and landed awkwardly on his right leg. After the play, Randle remained on the ground, screaming out in what appeared to be agonizing pain.

Lakers teammates, coaching staff and medical personnel surrounded Randle for approximately 10 minutes, after which he was lifted onto a stretcher with his leg in a cast. A short time later, the team reported that Randle had suffered a fractured tibia.

Randle underwent surgery on Oct. 29 and is expected to make a full recovery, but will be out for the remainder of the season.

“I think we’re all a little shocked by it, disappointed, hurt, all those things are probably going through all our minds,” Lakers coach Byron Scott told the Associated Press. “I know I didn’t get a lot of sleep just thinking about the young fella.”

Randle was the SEC’s top freshman last year, helping Kentucky to the National Championship game. Randle was the seventh overall pick in this year’s NBA draft. He said he was ecstatic to be playing alongside one of his idols, Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

“Even for myself, being a veteran, seeing someone going through something like this is tough,” Bryant told the AP.  “But that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to be his teammates and help him through it, take it day by day. He was progressing just fine. He was improving leaps and bounds.”

Well the Lakers didn’t really have anything going for them this season, and the injury to Randle just puts the nail in the coffin.  The Los Angeles Bryants, I mean Lakers, are currently 0-4 and have no chance of making the playoffs. I know its only the first week in the NBA and it’s too early to say.  Well, not when you this bad.  Kobe is the best player but he’s has absolutely no help.  Jordan Hill is playing well, Carlos Boozer is not playing nowhere close to what he is, Jeremy Lin is beyond overrated, and Swaggy P (Nick Young or Iggy Azalea’s boyfriend) is hurt and won’t be back until next month.  I’m praying that Randle comes back from the injury with a vengance.  It was tough watching a player have a season-ending injury in his NBA debut.  As fro the Lakers, start figuring out who you want to draft next season.