13-Year-Old Ind. Boy Shot Nine Times Allegedly for Laughing at Neighbor

A 13-year-old Indiana boy was allegedly shot to death by his neighbor after the youth laughed at the other man.

Kobe Jones, 13, was allegedly shot nine times after laughing at a break-in which occurred in the neighbor’s home, according to Chicago ABC affiliate WLS-TV.

Khanji Fairley, 30, and his girlfriend returned to their home in Gary, Ind. on Oct. 24 to discover that they had been robbed. Fairley walked up and down the block knocking on doors, trying to find out who broke into his home.


Fairley then started yelling, causing a scene; according to Indianapolis Fox affiliate WXIN, Fairley tried to implicate Jones in the crime, and Jones laughed in response.

Several hours later, according to documents obtained by The Chicago Tribune, Fairley  crept up an alley next to Jones’ home and shot him nine times while he sat on his porch steps.

After the shooting, Fairley fled the scene but returned two hours later where police awaited to take him into custody, according to NewsOne.

Jones died after crawling back into his home, The New York Daily News reported.

“He didn’t deserve this,” the child’s stepmother, Starr Jones, told WXIN. “How are you that angry that you kill a 13-year-old boy?”

Man this story broke my heart honestly.  I can’t believe people aren’t protesting and going off about this.  I understand the Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner situations, but this young boy was shot and killed in front of his own house by his neighbor for “laughing.”  You can’t even feel safe in your home anymore.  I understand the Black community gets angry when a young boy is shot and killed innocently by a cop or someone of a different race, but it hurts me more when someone from our own community does it.  Black on Black crime is worst to me because we are suppose to be trying to do better and killing each other is not the answer.