Aretha Franklins UNAUTHORIZED Book OMG

Photo credit : daily mail online

They say you can never tell what a person is going through by looking at them. Just think, a person who is living their dreams and collecting notoriety amongst other valuable properties should be the happiest person in the world right ? WRONG!

The UNAUTHORIZED Aretha Franklin story breaks down the hardships of a career, love life , struggles with addiction, overdue bills and life with her untraditional Detroit pastoring father. From marrying a supportive pimp , to becoming pregnant at 12, the RESPECT singer had quite the reports
She fabricated stories about mystery lovers and released those stories to the press just to keep her name in print.And perhaps most complicatedly of all, she came from a home where her father was a promiscuous gospel preacher whose church was a front for orgies which Ray Charles was to describe as a ‘sex circus’.

So questionable was his behavior that when Franklin became pregnant at the age of just 12 – her sexuality apparently awakened by the scene her father promoted – that rumors swirled around Detroit that the preacher was the father to her child.

It doesn’t stop there ,this book allows fans to see a side of Aretha we could’ve never imagined. The book mentions franklin breaking her arm after falling off stage due to intoxication, spiteful and witty franklin who dismissed the word competition when it came to other divas, and in debt franklin who was sued and sought after after failing to pay her amenities that came with her lavish lifestyle.

It’s crazy how someone so successful had to endure such a confusing and ruined childhood. Who is the author and why did they air Aretha out like that ? Who knew Aretha got zownnn like that though? (No judgement here) I have no doubt this storyline would make a great movie.

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