Lauryn Hill invades DC.. (VIDEO)


Washington D.C.- Homecoming season is in full effect. What better way to celebrate homecoming than bringing the GOAT (yes I said GOAT) to Constitution Hall. Howard University celebrated their homecoming with an exclusive students only concert with Ms. Lauryn Hill. Howard University is known for pulling many tricks out for homecoming, but a private Lauryn Hill concert… Really ?! If that wasn’t enough Ms.Hill performed unplugged (she neverrrrrrrr performs songs from unplugged) .

A few segments with lights on and then off , the beautiful runs and harmonies began to fill the air. She even paid homage to the late Bob Marley with her special tribute. As if that didn’t have you on the edge of your seats, get this, they cued her to wrap but Ms. Hill continuously kept performing. She even performed over Drakes sampling. By far one of the best concerts! Ok enough of me explaining, Check out some footage below.

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