Beyoncé’s Bangs: Hit or Miss?

By: Shané (Licensed Cosmetologist)

This week in hair news: Beyoncé’s bangs!  While visiting in Europe this week, international superstar Beyoncé premiered her cropped bangs.  The pictures went viral with negative and positive comments on the length of the bangs.  Even though “Yoncé’s” bangs sent shockwaves through the media (social media specifically), this trend can still be done in a way that may be more of a hit than miss.

Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, and Lena Horne can be muses for you to copy this style.  Retro cropped bangs can be achieved by cutting the hair an inch above the eyebrows and bending the hair tighter than usual with Marcel irons or flat irons.  Alternatively, you can roll your bangs in a French roll like motion to create the illusion of cropped bangs.  This style has been around for decades and whether you agree or disagree with Beyoncé’s rendition of this style, it seems to have some staying power, so maybe you should give it a whirl!

Lena Horne Cropped BangsKaty Perry Bangs  Gwen Stefani Bangs

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