Princess and Ray J no more..?


Uhh wait a minute in my Ray J voice. Ummmmm Princess and Floyd? But when ? Anddd I thought he just broke up with Miss Jackson. Oh nevermind, any who Princess took to Instagram to participate in a mixy messy edition of throwback Thursday. Princess uploaded not one but two photos of her and ladies man Floyd MayWeather.


If you’re a little confused don’t worry so are we. If you recall we posted an episode of The Real where Ray discusses how Princess may not be quite ready for marriage. Having seen these pictures, I wonder why. If you’ve been keeping up with Love and Hip Hop Hollywood , you know Princess gained her fame by trying to check Teairra Marie when she asked Ray to cut a check for items that were never returned after their break up. The scene ended by the two almost getting into a physical altercation.

Someone has some explaining to do. The two have completely cleared all photos of one another from their Instagram accounts. I don’t want to say Teairra told you so Ray but I mean hey …. And why does Floyd keep taking everyone’s girl man lol!

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