Alright so I know that a divorce is one of the hardest things a couple can go through, but I guess some take it harder than others.  Let’s start with this fool Wiz Khalifa, looking like Raven Symone little sister.

wiz-khalifa-hair3-karencivil-478x460 wiz-khalifa3

Wiz had to b smoking the best kush on earth for him to pull this off and think that it looked alright.  When I first saw the picture I was, y’all leave this man alone and stop photshopping pictures.  He just lost Amber Rose by allegedly cheating on her (dumb mistake #2).  Then., I find out the picture is actually real smh.  Lord take the wheel and don’t give it back.

Next up is good ole Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey.  Now, these two haven’t officially broken up yet, but there are a couple of signs that don’t take a genuis to figure out.  Nick had a tattoo across his back with his wife’s name “Mariah.”  Well, Nick fall back game is on one million cause he gets a tattoo cover up that looks like he never had Mariah’s name.  Not only that, but the cover tattoo was of Jesus on the cross so nobody would judge him……Nick the real MVP.

Nick-Cannon-Mariah-Tattoo A-ripped-Nick-Cannon-shows-off-his-Mariah-tattoo-cover-up-job-at-a-gym-following-a-workout-in-Studio-City-Nothing-says

Now off to Mariah.  Now, I respect the talented, beautiful, soulful woman that Mariah is but she has gained some weight since the breakup, and her voice sounds nothing like the one we know and love.  I guess ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” -_-

Hopefully Future and Ciara don’t go down this same path.  Chris Brown and Karrueche, and Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber took the smart route and just going to work out all their problems.