Bey And Jay Play Tourist In Paris Until….


Entertainments first family , The Carter’s, were spotted during a little sight seeing in Paris France on October 7th. They were viewing the Louvre museum. It been rumored the two were working on a secret album due to their extensive stay in Paris and recent photos of the trio (including little princess Blue) leaving multiple studios in France. Bey, attached to her camera, was shooting until a local asked

“Who is he ? “

Referring to Jigga man himself. Jay , with his nonchalant New York attitude snapped back by replying who are you? The guy replied I’m Paul. Now surely if they’re able to sell out Stade de France , you have to know who Jay Z is right ? I mean come on.

I remember going to an event where I asked individuals to take pictures of me with one artist not knowing the person taking a picture was an artist as well (I was completely embarrassed). Who’s to fault here, me for not knowing or them for not letting me know. Same situation; as an artist your goal is to make music and obtain a worldwide name. You can’t get mad if people don’t know you or your music. In my opinion I suggest you work just a little harder.

Watch the video below:



Photo credit: beylite

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